Mobility in Paris

Mobility in Paris. The movie

The topics for this meeting were “Production: buying and selling”. This meeting is very important, since it was be the last time members of each mini-company from different countries could work face to face. 

The students of the French school have a great experience in importing products from Central America. They have developed the concept of "uberization" of purchases to save money on imports

Each mini-company (each one with students from different countries) developed the production plan and the plan of distribution of its products. This plan was presented to the other students when they came back to their own schools.


Reception at the City Hall

The reception at the Rueil Malmaison Town Hall was one of the most important events of our stay. Given that the Mayor was in Kiev, we were received by the vice mayor in the Wedding hall. The vice mayor and the other council members present at the event, addressed us some very moving words about the importance of what we were doing with the Erasmus + project. When finished, they offered us a cocktail.


Study visits

One of the most interesting visits was the visit to Lucibel. It is a French company that has developed Lify, a type of internet connection through light. This type of connection is much safer and faster than the traditional connection via wifi: only devices that are located inside the cone of light can be connected.
In the presentation they gave us, we were able to see first hand how they work, as well as Lucibel's business model. We were able to understand what is the added value they offer, how they sell their services, as well as the future plans that the company has.


Selling products

The most expected activity was undoubtedly market day. After participating in the planned workshops, the students had the opportunity to put into practice everything they had learned. They had to follow the following steps:




4.Handling objections-phase






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