Mobility in Førde

Mobility in Førde. The movie

This mobility was focused on design and communication, which are key aspects of a business idea. Hafstad vidaregåande skule is an upper secondary school specialized in media studies, so the Norwegian students could help a lot their teammates in each international group. As in the other mobilities, the students worked in groups in which there was a student from each country. As expected, the Norwegians played a more active role in the workshops we had.


Design and Digital identity

The workshop was conducted by Mediabruket, a consulting company about web-based tools. They are experts in tailor-made development and operation of digital solutions, from the simplest web sites to advanced logistics and customer management systems. 

Students worked in international groups and learned how to design a website for their users and how to use social networks to drive traffic to their websites. Overall they made a great understanding on how the different channels work and what type of content they should use.

Innovation camp

The purpose of the workshop, conducted bey the regional Junior Achievement coordinator, was for students to acquire a set of skills and abilities that in the short and medium term will be very useful for their incorporation into the labor market.

Through exercises of creativity, brainstorming and teamwork, students discovered the importance of having an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in everything they propose in life. They also explored skills and competencies that will allow them to achieve success in the professional world.

Video editing workshop

On Thursday 16th we went to visit an important glacier museum and a glacier. It was really amazing to get to know how important the glaciers are for the Norwegian culture and orography. Although the museum was close in November, they opened it that special day for us!

After visiting the museum and the glacier, we started right there a workshop about video editing. Norwegian students brought their cameras and microphones and they did their best to teach their teammates about how to record a good video

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