Mobility in Borås

The movie

Mini- companies from Spain, France, Norway and Sweden met in Borås after having first met in Girona-Spain in November. The teachers already knew each other since they had met in Paris in October and most of the students also knew each other since they met during the trip to Girona in November, although there were few changes. The focus of this mobility was marketing and sales: we had workshops on these topics. These workshops were of great help to the students of the different partnerships for the preparation of the stands of the Fair that took place in Åhaga.


Business Plan

A business plan is a written document that collects the keys that will allow us to effectively manage our project, business or company. The business plan helps us to clarify our ideas, to better channel our resources and to analyse the viability of our project. It usually consists of the following sections: Organization and human resources, Vision and mission of the mini-company, business idea, description of the product or service, sustainability of the project, market and competitors, sales forecasting, scheduling of activities and financial summary.


Marketing is a very important aspect for any business. For this reason we had in Borås some workshops on this topic. Dan (teacher of the Swedish school), for example, put together a workshop on sales techniques, emphasizing the four phases:

  • Contact-phase,
  • Querying-phase,
  • Argumentation-phase,
  • Handling objections-phase,
  • Price-phase
  • Closure

Trade Fair in Åhaga

The most important event of this mobility was the participation in the Fair of Åhaga, where the students presented their international projects in six different stands. In all there were more than 800 students who had about 200 projects. Throughout the two days of fair, passed more than 1000 visitors by our stands. The students had to put into practice all the marketing skills that had worked in the workshops .... It was really an unforgettable day!