Mobility in Girona

Mobility in Girona. The movie


We use creative thinking continually to find solutions to the day-to-day problems we must manage: to find an alternative to a traffic jam in the streets, to make ends meet, or to surprise a family member or acquaintance who celebrates birthday.

But there is an important question about creativity, can it be educated? Is it something genetic, con-natural, or can it be acquired? All studies and research have shown that creativity, like entrepreneurship, can be acquired.

Creativity is the engine of entrepreneurship. Without Creativity, there is no chance for entrepreneurship… Creativity helps us discover opportunities where others only see problems; it leads us to transform problems into opportunities. Creativity generates ideas, possibilities, alternatives to solve a problem or, rather, to seize an opportunity.

The main topic of our first mobility in Girona was creativity and how to improve it. We had workshops and talks with experts in creativity

International partnerships

In our coordination meeting in Paris we decided to arrange six international partnerships with students from each country, so that in each partnership there would be students from every country. Students from each school would be in charge of different responsibilities: Spaniards would be in charge of the creativity tools, the Norwegians would be in charge of the design, Swedish ones would be in charge of Marketing and the French ones would be in charge of purchasing and sales...

In Girona we set up the following partnerships: AION, FENS, EUROSquad, SKYRASMUS, SPAN, INTERFENS. In each partnership there are students from every country (Spain, Sweden, Norway and France) who are experts in different fields (creativity, business plans, design and import/selling)

From November 2016 on, monthly Skype meetings have been arranged to coordinate students' efforts and to work online.


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