Presentation at the Rotary Club (Paris)

The mini-company La Capitana presents its project at the Rotary Club in the presence of the Mayor of the city Patrick Ollier former Minister President of Greater Paris and a large assembly of business leaders of the city. Students using a power point gave a presentation of the mobilities of the Erasmus program: trips to Spain, Sweden and Norway. And more particularly on the week organized in March 2018 in Paris with the visits of the companies of the city Rueil 2000 Lucibel and Schneider Electric; la Capitana also presented the ecosolidary project that was born following the visit of Schneider Electric: send to the school of Rosario CDI in Nicaragua, Managua, solar lamps.

On the other hand the pupils projected the video realized in Norway in team with a Norwegian pupil for which, they received a prize delivered by the School. The instruction was to make a video to promote tourism in Norway. The French pupils, with the help of a Norwegian pupil, chose to step aside to showcase the sumptuous landscapes of fiordes, eternal landscapes accompanied by modern music. The team also described the day of sales in the city market on the Place de l’Eglise, a historic site. La Capitana our mini-company imports and sells products from the world and gives back its profits to associations in France and Central America. It was a great opportunity for young Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish to bring in their suitcases specialties of their country: chocolates, cakes to sell together to the inhabitants of the city of Rueil.

It was a beautiful experience! During this presentation to the Mayor very involved in the project, it was to highlight the collaboration between the different European teams and draw a positive balance on this exchange that has enriched the project of each mini-European company through to the cultural contributions of each. La Capitana also described the different heritage visits of the city of Rueil Malmaison and Paris. The students presented their Erasmus project of European mini-companies in four languages ​​in English, Spanish, Greek and French. They were very applauded!